Another Youth Opposition Activist Arrested

On December 25, Fuad Ahmadli, a member of the Youth Committee of Azerbaijan Popular Front Party (APFP), was arrested, reported the APFP.


Found guilty under Article 310.1 (resistance to police) of the Code of Administrative Offences, Ahmadli was sentenced to 10 days of administrative detention by the Khatai District Court.

Shortly before his arrest, Fuad Ahmadli shared the following post on a social networking website: “What now, folks? Will you join, if we start rallies now or it is not time yet? I mean, if you have extra 5-10 manat left at home, tell us and let’s wait. Let’s wait until they come and grab it from you. What do you say? To protest or to continue living with our heads down?”

APFP believes that Ahmadli has been targeted as a result of this post.


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