Former Investigator Ends Hunger Strike

On December 24, Rufat Safarov, the son of former Defense Ministry spokesman and former MP Eldar Sabiroglu, ended his hunger strike. He had begun the strike in response to the police search of his apartment, which followed his resignation from his position at the Prosecutor’s Office, reported Rufat Safarov himself.


Rufat Safarov published a lengthy article explaining his resignation:


“I have always expressed my concerns over injustices in the country, violations of rights and freedoms, the ever increasing lawlessness, imprisonment of people for their views, and the abolition of political, economic, cultural, social and other rights as almost an official policy. Of course, this does not solve anything; the decisive thing could be to share your opinions before the public at large, and to reveal what is what. I have never truly accepted my father’s political views. I have resigned from the prosecution authorities in protest against the rampant dishonesty and ignominy that prevails in this country,” Rufat Safarov said.


Eldar Sabiroglu has previously stated that he has parted ways with his son. “He will go along a different path, but I will continue to go along Heydar Aliyev’s path, to which I have been committed for 20-25 years, and which I never regretted despite the occasional injustices that I have faced,” said Eldar Sabiroglu.


Rufat Safarov launched a hunger strike on December 22, “against the illegalities taking place in the country.” His relatives asked him to end his protest when his health began to deteriorate.

Background: Rufat Safarov, a former investigator, resigned from the prosecution authorities on December 20 due to what he described as rampant lawlessness and human rights violations in the country. However, before his resignation was processed,  he was discharged on the order of the Prosecutor General, Zakir Garalov. According to the order, Rufat Safarov has been dismissed for committing acts incompatible with the position of a prosecutor or investigator, grossly violating Article 34 of the Law of the Azerbaijan Republic on the Prosecutor’s Office and Articles 30 and 31 of the “Code of Ethical Conduct of Employees of Prosecutor’s Office of Azerbaijan Republic.”

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