June 22nd, 2009
ANS Company Group considers the warning made to ANS FM Radio by the National Television and Radio Council unfounded and biased. ANS Independent Broadcasting and Media Company Activity Council Chairman Mirshahin Agayev made revelations about this issue during a press conference.  

“Our three day investigation conducted through close participation of ANS Law Department revealed that the reports disseminated in the media regarding NTRC’s verbal warning to ANS FM Radio are unfounded and a refutation should be made about it immediately,” said Mirshahin emphasizing that the information about the decision of the NTRC, which is not validated by facts but based on indefinite calls from listeners, is prejudiced.

Expressing his opinion on Mirshahin Agayev’s comments regarding the decision being based not on real facts, but on calls from listeners, NTRC Chairman Nushiravan Maharramli said that these accusations are not accurate.

“We have the audio recording of the program in question,” said Maharramli. “We have discussed all of these with ANS FM representatives. Very inappropriate language has been used in this program.”

Last week NTRC reported to the press that the Council issued a verbal warning to ANS FM radio claiming that topics violating national and moral values have been discussed in ANS FM radio station’s “Genj klub” (Young club) program several times.