December 25th, 2007
Yesterday the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety reported that, on December 22 Aflatun Amashov, the Press Council met with some of the imprisoned journalists.

According to today’s edition of “Yeni Musavat” Newspaper, Arif Aliyev, “Yeni Nasil” Journalists Union chairman also met with them together with Aflatun Amashov. In his interview to the newspaper correspondent A.Aliyev noted that, he met only with Rovshan Kabirli and has no information about other imprisoned journalists. A.Aliyev who didn’t give detail information about his meeting with “Mukhalifat” Newspaper Editor-in-Chief noted that, they discussed specially pardon matters during the meeting.

Aliyev also expressed his opinion to “your meeting with 5 imprisoned journalists makes everybody think about their releases” opinion. According to him, “Press Council asked to release all imprisoned journalists when it appealed to Pardon Commission. We never discuss journalists’ personalities who are proper for release. We raised a matter related to release of imprisoned journalists who are accused under Article 147 and 148 of the Criminal Code. Those meetings were held with the imprisoned journalists who noted their serious problems in the appeal”.