Arrested Journalist’s Wife Unable to Retrieve Her Car


The car belonging to Azadliq newspaper financial director Faig Amirli’s wife Lala Amirli is yet to be returned. Faig Amirli was arrested on August 20. Upon his arrest, his house and their family car were searched. The operatives did not content themselves with just searching the car and took the car away when leaving.

According to Lala Amirli, although the operatives who had conducted the search and taken away the car had said it would be returned soon, the car is yet to be given back.

Background: Faig Amirli was arrested on August 20. Employees of the investigating authority searched his car and house, and allegedly found and seized Fetullah Gulen books from his car. According to his lawyer, wedding video cassettes were also seized during the search. Amirli is charged under Articles 283.1 (Actions aimed at the incitement of national, racial, social or religious hatred and enmity, humiliation of national dignity, as well as actions aimed at restricting the rights of citizens or establishment of the superiority of citizens on grounds of their nationality, race, social status or religion, if these acts are committed publicly or through the media) and 168.1 (Creating, managing or being part of a group, which – under the pretext of disseminating religious faiths and performing religious rites – carries out an activity that disrupts public order or harms the health of citizens or violates the rights of citizens irrespective of its form of infringement, as well as distracts citizens from performance of their duties established by law) of the Criminal Code. Nasimi District Court has ordered 3-month pre-trial detention of Faig Amirli.

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