January 17th, 2012
ASI newspaper editor-in-chief Anar Mahmudoglu  has appealed  to the president of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, reported the website.

According to the report,  Mahmudoglu requested that the president to lift unofficial  orders banning the publication of the newspaper.  
On December 4th, 2011the first editions of the weekly ASI newspaper (Free Speech Revolutionaries)  was published by E.Q publishing house. However, the  publishing house   broke a one year contract signed on December 7th  and has since refused to publish the newspaper without providing any justification. Other publishing houses are also refusing to publish the newspaper without any legal reason. On December 8th, an official appeal was sent to an Azerbaijan publishing house  asking to publish the newspaper. However this publishing house also refuse to publish the newspaper without  showing any legal reason.  The appeal asserts that tgedirectors of the publishing houses said that they received an unofficial  notification from the Presidential Administration ordering them not to publish ASI newspaper.
To note, Khural had been published weekly beginning 2002 October, and daily from September 20th 2011.  The property of the newspapers was confiscated on October 19th for its failure to pay a total of 19,000 AZN in court-issued fines to the Presidential Administration Head Ramiz Mehdiyev, Mass Media State Support Fund Executive Director Vugar Safarli, and to others. The newspaper had to stop operating on October 21 as printing houses refused to print the newspaper. On October 28th, Zeynalli was detained by officers from the Anti-Corruption Department and sentenced to three months of pre-trial detention based on a complaint filed by ruling YAP MP Gular Ahmadova.  On December 4th, Khural newpaper employees began to publish the ASI (Free Speech Revolutionaries) newspaper.