November 28th, 2011
Journalist Idrak Abbasov told IRFS today that there was a confrontation at the Binagadi District Police Department between his family and persons he suspected of being involved in the assault on his family.

His father Telman Abbasov, his mother Naima Guliyeva and his brother Adalat Abbasov attended the face-to-face meeting with the 3 suspects – employees of the Guard service of State Oil Company. The family recognized one of the suspects as having being been involved in the assault.
Idrak Abbasov explained that the investigation is currently continuing under Article 128 of the Criminal Code (Deliberate causing of less serious harm to health).
“Actually the criminal case should have been based on Article 221.2.1 of the Criminal Code (Insulting, the use of violence against citizens, damage to property – by a group of persons). I have discussed this issue with our lawyer Elchin Sadigov. He plans to file a motion regarding this issue in the coming days,” noted Abbasov.
On September 9th, the Abbasov’s family home of 25 years, located in the Baku suburb of Sulutepe, was attacked by a group of Binagadi Oil Company employees without any prior eviction notice being delivered. His parents, his brothers and their spouses were all beaten with batons. His mother Naila Guliyeva, and brother Adalat Abbasov, were hospitalized in Clinic Center #1, and his father Telman Abbasov in city hospital #4.
According to Abbasov, he was forced into taking his brother and mother to a private clinic because of inadequate medical treatment, although his father’s treatment is continuing at city hospital #4.