November 28th, 2011
Iran’s Ayatollah Sheikh Mahammad Lankarani welcomed the assassination of the Azerbaijani writer and journalist Rafig Taghi, Turan Information Agency has reported.

This news appeared on the Lankarani’s website on 28th November, ( ).  
The Ayatollah congratulated the Azerbaijani people and expressed joy that "the hand of God appeared among the Muslims and sent to hell the wicked man who had insulted the Prophet."
"Without a doubt, the man who performed the sentence and pleased Islam, will get a great gift from the Almighty.
Let the enemies of Islam know that decent young people will not allow anyone to humiliate Islam’s holy values and realize the intrigues of world imperialism and Zionism, and will punish those who betray their religion for their shameful acts.
I congratulate the Muslim world and, above all, the people of Azerbaijan and the memory of Grand Ayatollah Muhammad Fazel Lankarani – the man, who issued the death fatwa (sentence) on the ungodly," the statement said.
To note, Muhammad Jawad is the son of Ayatollah Fazel Lankarani. The fatwa was issued in 2006, when Rafig Tagi published an article titled ‘Europe and Us, which criticized the Prophet Muhammad.
The attack on Tagi took place on 19th November in the evening, when an unknown man stabbed him seven times. On 23rd November the 61-year-old journalist died in hospital.