“Azadliq” newspaper correspondent Seymur Hazi (Haziyev), who was abducted and beaten last year by unknown persons, is being followed again, he reported to IRFS today.

According to him, for the last few days, unknown persons have been following him to the editor’s office: “I have no intention to apply to law enforcement agencies. I have been pursued and kidnapped before, and they knew about it. They even conducted ‘an investigation’ into the fact. But there was no result. Generally speaking, the experience shows that journalist-related crimes are not solved in Azerbaijan. That is why, I don’t intend to apply to law enforcement agencies. But, if they are interested I can testify,” said the journalist. The journalist added that today, he as invited to the Interior Ministry General Investigation Department, where he was received by department head Sarvar Mehraliyev. The chief asked him questions about his case and said that the investigation is ongoing.

To note, on 25 March, 2011, Seymur Hazi was kidnapped and beaten by masked people on his way home in Jeyranbatan. He was than then he was thrown out of the car in Binagady region with his hands still tied.

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