Azadliq newspaper reports DDOS attacks on its website


The website of the Azadlig newspaper,, has undergone a hacker attack today, web-editor of the newspaper Ali Rza reported to the IRFS. According to Ali Rza, the Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack was launched in the afternoon yesterday.

“The attack was detected by the security service of the host server of the website, who informed the website administration about it. Attacks to the website were carried out from thousands of different IP addresses at a speed of 500 Mb/s. During the attacks, more or less six thousand browsing attempts were received at one second. Though it was impossible to forestall the attacks completely, the security experts of the server managed to preserve the operation of the website” says the web-editor, adding that they are trying to beat off the attacks. Temporarily the website is only accessible when www. is typed at the begging of the site name (

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