Today in the Narimanov District Court, under the chairmanship of the Judge Sevinj Aliyeva, a hearing on “Azerbaijan” Publishing House director Agabay Asgarov’s lawsuit against “Khural” Newspaper was conducted.

 Elshan Asadov participated in the hearing on behalf of the prosecution, while the defense was represented “Khural” Newspaper Editor-in-Chief Avaz Zeynalli. Judge Aliyeva suggested that the two sides reconcile.  

Elshan Asadov responded, “We can reconcile if the newspaper publish refutation with a big title and Agabay Asagarov’s photo again. In addition, we demand that the newspaper to pay 1,000 AZN to the bank account of an orphanage and withdraw its appellate complaint filed over the decision adopted by the Narimanov District Court.”  

Newspaper Editor-in-Chief A. Zeynalli responded, saying, “I’ll publish a refutation if Publishing House representative comes to the newspaper editorial office and gives an interview about A. Asgarov. I am not going to withdraw the appellate complaint. If we reconcile, the Appellate Court will drop the case”.  

“Azerbaijan” Publishing House Commercial department director, man named Galib, who gave testimony today as a witness, noted that, “in your refutation you emphasized that, some parts of the article addressed to the Publishing House are true. But we think that, the whole article published in your newspaper don’t correspond to the truth. That is why we’ll not change our mind. We demand that the newspaper publish another refutation.”  

The Judge noted that, “I can’t prolong the criminal case so and I want you to introduce a reconciliation agreement which involves your terms”.  

The next hearing on this case is scheduled to take place on January 17 at 15:00.  

Recall that the Republic of Azerbaijan Presidential Works Department Executive Director Agabey Asgerov filed a lawsuit for insult of honor and dignity and libel against “Khural” Newspaper Chief Editor Avaz Zeynalli and correspondent Kamal Huseyn on 28 August 2007. The case stemsmed from the article “Publishing House Cuts Gold” which was run in the 24-30 July 2007 edition of “Khural” Newspaper, and the article “Death Place of Azerbaijan’s House no, Azerbaijan factory”, which was run in the 19-25 August 2007 edition of “Khural” Newspaper. The articles reported alleged law violations committed by “Azerbaijan” Publishing House’s director. The plaintiff is sought an apology and refutation for the newspaper and the institution of a 250,000 AZN fine against the defendants.

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