New repressions during COVID19: Member of the opposition, was found guilty of defamation and insulting a police office.

A member of the Popular Front Party Zamin Salayev was sentenced by the Salyan District Court to two years and three months in prison, convicted of defamation and insult – Articles 147 and 148 of the Criminal Code.

Earlier, the activist accused Khamza Azizov, head of the Salyan police investigation department, of blackmailing a 21-year-old girl, local resident, to closer relations.

The PFPA report on this occasion said that on April 20, the Salyan District Court unexpectedly held a hearing and convicted Alzamin Salaev at a preliminary hearing without investigating the case itself.

“The family members of the young woman said in a video appeal that the police put pressure on them, demanding not to complain about the policeman’s actions, threatening to arrest them.

Instead of an objective investigation, law enforcement authorities arrested and tortured Zamin Salaev, arresting him for 30 days,” the PFPA statement said.

The party regards this as part of the repression against its members. “Zamin Salaev is the ninth party activist arrested or convicted in recent days.

This fact and the fact that the Popular Front Party leader Ali Karimli is actually under house arrest for the seventh day already shows that the repression is the result of a political decision at the very top,” the statement said.

Earlier, the Ministry of Internal Affairs stated that the charges against their employee are baseless and unfounded.


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