Aziz Orujov’s Health Worsens in Prison

Aziz Orujov, the arrested head of Kanal13 internet television, has been denied a meeting with his family members, according to Orujov’s wife Lamiya Orujova. “He calls twice a week. I have repeatedly sent letters to Orkhan Babayev, an investigator with the Serious Crimes Investigation Department of the Prosecutor General’s Office, to get permission for a meeting, but I have never heard back. Aziz has recently found out about his mother’s deteriorating health. We talked about his mother’s health in our phone conversation last time. His mother’s health decline has also affected Aziz’s health negatively. He has suffered tension and high blood pressure. Aziz also suffers from a chronic renal failure. Therefore, even without emotional strains, the prison environment is a threat to his life. Renal failure shoots blood pressure up extremely. Such patients need to be under constant medical surveillance and their blood pressure should be maintained at a stable level. However, at Baku Detention Centre, Aziz was only examined by a doctor once, and that was when he was first brought to the detention centre,” Lamiya Orujova said.
Director of Kanal13 Aziz Orujov was sentenced to 30-day administrative arrest on 2 May, on charges of resisting the police. Before his term ran out, a criminal case was launched against him under Articles 192.2 (making large income through illegal business) and 308.2 (service forgery entailing heavy consequences) of the Criminal Code, and Aziz Orujov was ordered detained for 4 months. After that, Kanal13’s office premises and Aziz Orujov’s apartment were searched and computers were seized.
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