January 28th, 2008
A letter was sent to “Gaya,” “Gasid” and “Azermetbuatyayim” companies by Yasamal District Court Decisions’ Execution Department Deputy Chief Zaur Abdullayev.

The letter instructed the companies to “imprison” all funds earned through the sale of “Baki Khabar” Newspaper. “Baki Khabar” Newspaper Chief Editor Aydin Guliyev told this to the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety today. According to Guliyev, although the newspaper distribution companies received the abovementioned letter on 21 January, Baki Khabar’s editorial office only learned of the letter today. The newspaper’s situation in poor, said Guliyev.  
Recall that on 4 May 2005 the Appellate Court adopted a decision to gather through the imprisoning of “Baki Khabar” Newspaper’s funds 2179.40 AZN in compensation for moral damages, due to a lawsuit filed by Ujar resident Shahlar Alekberov. The decision to imprison “Baki Khabar” Newspaper’s funds is part of an attempt to force the paper to pay this amount.