December 27th, 2007
Yesterday (on December 26) Russian “Strana Ru” press institution published the article “Bakinsiy sud nad jurnalistom” (“Baku trial on the journalist”).

The article is dedicated to the beginning of the trial on the imprisoned “Azadlig” Newspaper Editor-in-Chief Ganimat Zahid. According to the request of “Strana Ru”, Aleksey Makarkin Russian Political Technology Deputy Chief Director explained the current situation. The political scientists noted that, it is not right to distinguish the case on G.Zahid from other pro-opposition journalists’ court hearings. A.Makarkin noted that, 9 journalists are imprisoned in Azerbaijan at the moment.

Besides, the article says: “of course the West follows political processes happening in Azerbaijan and it also makes sever statements. But these statements are not made especially by Western leaders or Foreign Affairs Ministries. Second class politicians and political scientists have to realize this difficult mission”.

In his interview to press staff A.Makarkin emphasized that, I.Aliyev has been achieved mutual understanding with the USA and West within last 4 years: “He paid an official visit to Paris recently and met with France President Nikola Sarkozi. During the meeting and next speeches with his colleague the leader of Elisey Palace noted that, the mutual cooperation between two countries has become stronger, however he passed the current situation happing in Azerbaijan in diplomatic way”.

Makarkin thinks that, Nikolya Sarkozi’s attitude to Azerbaijan looks like the attitude of the USA and European countries. “European countries blame Moscow for “energy blackmail” and that is why they pass Russian territory and try to get support from Baku in realization of the projects related to transportation of oil and gas through the Caspian region to Europe. That is why neither West nor USA can intensify the relations with Ilham Aliyev regime. If the leading countries criticize official Baku for the violation of human rights and pressures against the expression of freedom, the intensity between the relations will be inevitable”.