March 30th, 2011
Yesterday, the Azadliq newspaper correspondent Seymur Haziyev, the victim of a violent physical assault over the weekend, gave his testimony in Absheron District Police Office.

Haziyev was kidnapped and beaten up on March 25 night, in the Jeyranbatan area of Abseron, on his way home from work. A black bag was put on his head and he was taken to an unknown location, where he was beaten. His assailants abandoned him on a street in Binagadi.
Haziyev reported that he underwent a medical examination yesterday.
“During my testimony, I presented the bag that my assailants put over my head, along with my coat, as evidence. There will be an official examination of the incident scene in the evening. The results of medical examination have not yet been released,” said the journalist.
Director of international human rights organization Article 19, Agnes Callamard, released statement condemning the physical assault of Seymur Haziyev by unknown persons, and called upon the Azerbaijani police force to investigate the assault and to bring the perpetrators to justice.
The head of the Presidential Administration’s Socio-Political Department, Ali Hasanov said that investigation is underway, and that Haziyev’s assailants should be brought to justice if it the assault was related to his professional work.