March 30th, 2011
Chairman of the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety (IRFS), human rights defender Emin Huseynov, has filed a lawsuit agaisnt the State Customs Committee. Huseynov is asking the Court to deem the Committee’s actions illegal, to ban discrimination and to provide 10,000 AZN in compensation from the Committee. The Ministries of Justice and Finance are also involved as defendants in the lawsuit.

“In the statement of prices it provided for Customs Committee, the Justice Ministry set higher prices for my items without sbustantiating the prices. This statement set prices which were twice as high as prices of the equipment I bought in Dubai. In addition, the Ministry also labelled my two old cameras as new ones and set new prices for them. Another defendant is the Finance Ministry. Azerbaijani legislation sets out that material and moral compensation required due to the activities of state agence shall be paid at the expense of the state budget. The Finance Ministry is included as defendant because it will execute the payment of compensation, should the court rules for the payment of compensation.”
Huseynov said that he will fight to the very end, and take the issue to the European Court if necessary.