April 22nd, 2008
Yesterday “Bizim Yol” Newspaper employee Natig Adilov received a death threat from an unknown person, who called from the phone number (050) 224 03 15.

The journalist told the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety that he sent an information inquiry to the head of the Azerbaijan Agriculture Investment Project of the Ministry of Agriculture on 12 April 2008. The inquiry contained questions about the financing for the paving of roads in Khalfali Village in the Sabirabad region.   

The person who called assumed that the inquiry was sent because of a complaint letter sent from Khalfali Village and demanded a copy of that letter from the journalist. Adilov told him, “I sent the inquiry to conduct research. If you represent the organization you have to reply to it.” The person stated that he won’t reply to the inquiry and told the journalist, “You know that they can behead you for this,” when Adilov told him “Send a written response.” Adilov asked the caller to identify himself, but the person answered, “Don’t worry, you will find out soon.”  
“Today I was threatened by the same person calling from the same number,” Adiolov told IRFS today. “The person demanded with insistence that the complaint letter be given to them. I am getting ready to appeal to law enforcement organs.”