April 21st, 2011
On 19 April, Bizim Yol newspaper’s employee Ramid Ibrahimov was physically assaulted while he was carrying out his professional work in front of the Presidential Administration.

Ibrahimov told the Institute for Reporters` Freedom and Safety (IRFS) that he was physically assaulted by police sergeants during the protest of a group of persons disappointed with the leadership of Muray LLC.
“Police employees used force and pressure during the protest held in front of the Presidential Administration. There were two women who lost consciousness. When I attempted to photograph one of them, a police employee kicked my foot with his knee. Other police insulted me and the journalists as a whole. I reported the incident to the police colonel, mayors and captains, who only dismissed those police employees form the area,” said journalist.
R.Ibrahimov noted that when he arrived at the protest, his photo camera and voice recorder was seized by the employees of the Special State Guard Service.  They have not given back it to him so far. He believes that it is not worth even appealing to law enforcements bodies regarding this incident.
“I appealed to General Prosecutor Zakir Garalov, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Vilayet Eyvazov, and Sabail District Police Office Police Department #9 regarding my beating by colonel of the Special State Guard Service in front of the Presidential Administration on 9 February, 2011. However, they were indifferent to this issue and no measures have been taken yet,” said the journalist.   
On November 26, 2010, Bizim Yol (“Our Way”) newspaper employee Ramid Ibrahimov was physically assaulted by a Baku City Executive Office (BCEO) official. The BCEO official attacked him and tried to seize his camera while he was taking photos on A. Tobpcubasov Street, where a building was being demolished to make room for the “Winter Park” project.
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