Case of Avaz Zeynally sent to Baku Grave Crimes Court

The preliminary investigation of the criminal case against the founder of “Xural TV” LLC Avaz Zeynally and the head of “Səda TV” LLC Elnur Shukurov has been completed, the press service of the Prosecutor General’s Office reported on March 15.

It is worth recalling that Zeynally was charged under Articles 178.2.1 (fraud by a group of persons), 311.3.2 (repeated bribe taking), 311.3.3 (large bribe taking), 311.3.4 (bribery with threats), 32.4, 312.2 (inciting to giving a bribe) and 312-1.1 (illegal influence on the decision of an official), and Shukurov – under Articles 178.2.1, 32.4, 312.2, 312-1.1, etc.

The criminal case has been sent to the Baku Grave Crimes Court for consideration.

Zeynally and Shukurov were arrested in September last year.

On December 29, Zeynally’s arrest was extended by 3 months.

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