June 21st, 2008

In today’s edition of “Yeni Musavat” Newspaper it was reported that the chief of Lider TV’s news department, who was the second highest ranking person at the TV channel,  Vali Akber was fired on 14 June.

Akeber himself told this to “Yeni Musavat” Newspaper.

Akber said he was fired because of shortcomings in his work. The former Lider TV employee confirmed that such shortcomings existed.

Tofig Abbasov has been appointed in Akber’s place. At one time, Abbasov worked at an assistant for Azerbaijan Liberal Party Chairperson Lala Shovket Hajiyeva.

One week ago, “Yeni Musavat” Newspaper reported that their were changes within the station’s staff. At that time it was reported that in addition to Akber, “Sada” and “Sadadan sonra” programs chief editor Vugar Bektashi and political programming producer Gulshan Aliyeva were also dismissed, however Akber refuted this information in his interview to “Yeni Musavat.”