February 7th, 2008
The Institute for Reporters' Freedom and Safety distributed information "Chap Evy" Printing House's decision to reduce its work week, by not operating on Sundays.

Today IRFS contacted the editors-in-chief of the newspapers that went on print in this publishing house on Sundays to see how this decision will affect them.
"Yeni Musavat" Newspaper Editor-in-Chief Rauf Arifoglu said that the printing house's decision will definitely create problems. "We'll try to help it restore its work if 'Chap Evy' has in fact reduced its work days due to technical problems and not due to political pressure. Otherwise we'll be forced to publish our newspaper six times a week and we'll organize a protest in front of the Presidential Administration. We understand that other printing houses won't publish our newspaper."  
"Baki Khabar" Chief Editor Aydin Guliyev said, "Our newspaper is published five times a week at 'Azerbaijan' printing house. But it used to be published at "Chap Evy" on Sundays. We have worked this way for years. Naturally we'll have some difficulties associated with the Chap Evy's reduction of Sunday workday. We are looking for alternatives at the moment. If we don't find an independent publishing house for the Sunday edition of our newspaper, we'll be forced to make some changes in our work schedule. We might have our newspaper printed on Saturday at 'Azerbaijan' publishing house instead." 
Chief Editor of "24 Saat" Newspaper Fikrat Faramazoglu also said that problems will arise. He said, "If different publishing houses don't agree to print our newspaper on Sundays, we'll publish a Saturday edition of the newspaper."
"Baki Zaman" Newspaper Editor-in-Chief Elnur Maharramli stated, "We are still thinking. We have two choices; we'll either come to an agreement with a print house or we'll publish a Saturday edition of our newspaper."