Company, mired in corruption scandal, received multimillion-manat contract from state

The state electric distribution company “Azerishiq” announced the conclusion on November 14 of a contract for laying 35 kW lines of self-supporting insulated wires and a complete transformer station to provide electricity to important facilities located in the Pirjahan settlement of the Lachin region.

According to the unified portal of state electronic procurement, the contract was awarded to “Harmony Industrial Construction And Engineering Group” based on the results of the tender on October 7. The cost of the contract with a 60-day execution period is 2 million 309.800 manats (1 million 358.000 US dollars).

Recall that the “Harmony Industrial Construction And Engineering Group” LLC is the successor of “Piramida-F.R.” LLC (TIN: 1500429791). 

At the beginning of 2020, this company was involved in a corruption scandal involving high-ranking officials of the Ministry of Culture and one of its departments. Representative of the company, Shamkhal Agashirinov, admitted during the interrogation at that time that he personally handed over 20% or 900.000 manats to the head of the State Service for Protection, Development and Restoration of Cultural Heritage, Zakir Sultanov in the form of a “kickback” ($529.000) from those received under the contract for the overhaul of one of the cultural objects. This amount was issued as a purchase of equipment.

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