October 15th, 2010
Olke newspaper editor-in-chief Zahid Nuraliyev was subjected to physical aggression by Rasul Ibrahimov, member of Garadag Constituency Election Commission 11 (ConEC) and a representative of Justice Party. The encounter took place in front of the Garadag District Court on October 15th.

Nuraliyev reported that he had attended the court trial on the revocation of the candidacy of Baybala Abil, parliamentarian candidate of Classic Popular Front Party from ConEC 11. Abil was charged with breaking election protocol by beginning his campaign before the official start date. Nuraliyev was given authorisation by the judge to photograph the trial. However, Rasul Ibrahimov protested against being photographed. The conflict continued in front of the Garadag District Court during the break. “[Ibrahimov] grabbed me by the neck and told me not to take his photo, and insisted that I had no authority to do so,” stated Nuraliyev, who will reporting the incident to the police.
Justice Party spokesman Elkhan Shukurlu told IRFS that Nuraliyev has already appealed to the party and that the appeal will be investigated. “If the claim proves correct, the party will take the relevant measures in accordance with its Charter,” said Shukurlu.
ConEC member Rasul Ibrahimov confirmed to an IRFS correspondent that the conflict had occured, and that he had indeed pushed the journalist. “Why did we hold a referendum? In order  to prevent any old drunk from taking someone’s photo without permission. I told him not to take my photo, but he ignored me, and so I had to push him,” stated Ibrahimov.