January 26th, 2011
Today the Nasimi District Court heard the second lawsuit brought by former Azerbaijan State Oil Academy (ASOA) student, journalist Elmin Badalov, against the ASOA and its rector Siyavus Garayev. Judge Khumar Mardanova presided over the hearing, reported Badalov to IRFS.

Badalov says ASOA leadership violated his right to education. “My application to be reinstated as a student was reviewed by teachers on September 13, 2010, and the protocol of the meeting was presented to the court. But none of my arguments were included in the protocol. I objected to this, and filed a motion to present the Ministry of Education with a copy of the rules relating to the reinstating of students with academic debts.” he said. According to Badalov, the defendant's lawyer talked about articles Badalov had published, and speculated that he might not be reinstated on the grounds of illiteracy.
The judge rescheduled the proceedings for 2pm, 2 February.
Elmin Badalov is currently employed at Yeni Musavat newspaper.
Elmin Badalov was dismissed from State Oil Academy on 19 January, 2010. On 12 November 2009 Bedelov published an article called “Reportage from Azerbaijan State Oil Academy” regarding incidents of bribery and financial fraud in the Azerbaijan State Oil Academy, posted on on the website. The student-journalist claims that the harassment he faced and his failures at the university are because of these articles. He had filed a lawsuit to Nasimi District Court to be reinstated as a student. On 5 April, 2010 the Nasimi District Court rejected the lawsuit of Badalov against Azerbaijan State Oil Academy and rector Siyavush Garayev. On 2 July, 2010, the Baku Appeals Court also upheld this ruling. On November 23, the Supreme Court upheld the Appeals Court decision.