Court Proceedings Kick off on Turan Information Agency’s Lawsuit

Baku Administrative Economic Court #1 held a preliminary hearing on the lawsuit brought by Turan Information Agency against Baku City Local Revenues Department of the Ministry of Taxes.

The Agency is requesting that the Local Revenues Department’s decision of 7 August 2017 on calculating additional tax sanctions for the period 2014-16 and the scheduling of an extraordinary tax audit be considered unlawful.
Judge Museyib Bayramov suggested that this lawsuit be combined with Turan Agency’s other lawsuit (which seeks to invalidate the 16 August 2017 decision on conducting a tax audit of the Agency for the period 2010-16).
The parties agreed to the judge’s suggestion and the next court hearing was set for 11 October.
The Local Revenues Department imposed a sanction of 4,000 AZN against Turan Agency in May of 2016. However, after the filing of an administrative appeal by Turan, a higher agency of the Ministry of Taxes annulled this decision in late June. After that, on 7 August 2017, a 9,000 AZN tax was levied for 2016 and 37,000 AZN tax for 2014-16, and a criminal case was launched against the Agency.
On 24 August, Turan Agency Director Mehman Aliyev was arrested. He was freed on 11 September after providing a written undertaking to not leave the city.
The investigative agency claims that Mehman Aliyev made illegal income in the amount of 148,310 AZN under grant contracts not registered with the state during the period 2010-14, and avoided paying 60,080 AZN in profit taxes to the state budget in the period 2010-16.
In the framework of the criminal case related to tax evasion, Turan’s activities have been restricted.

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