Court proceedings on journalist’s lawsuit against TV channels kicks off

July 11th, 2011
Today, Yasamal District Court held a preliminary hearing on the lawsuit filed by journalist Gan Turali against Lider TV channel. Judge Anar Rzayev presided over the hearing.

The plaintiff side was represented by Fariz Namazov in the hearing, while the defendant side did not show up.

Namazov filed a motion demanding to involve the National TV and Radio Council in the processs. The Judge stated that the motion will be considered in the next hearing. He scheduled the next hearing to July 19, 2011.


Secretly recorded video of Gan Turali and Natig Adilov during a training in Oguz region was broadcasted on Lider TV. Gan Turali lodged a lawsuit against Lider TV channel demanding to deem the broadcasting of the secretly recorded video as illegal and a payment of compensation founded on humiliation of his honor and dignity.