Turkish businessman’s lawsuit against polit-press newspaper rejected

On July 8th, Nasimi District Court held a preliminary hearing on the criminal lawsuit filed by a Turkish businessman Mustafa Tayat against the Polit-Press newspaper editor-in-chief Adalat Nabibbayli. Judge Etibar Humbatov presided over the hearing.

The plaintiff’s lawyer Vusal Dadashov, defendant Adalat Nabibbayli were in attendance, the defendant’s lawyer Elchin Sadigov reported to IRFS  today.

In the hearing, the defendant side filed a motion requesting the Judge to reject the lawsuit citing the lack of any criminal element in the case.

After deliberation, Judge Humbatov granted the motion and refused to receive the lawsuit at execution.

According to Sadigov, the opposite side stated that they will be appealing against the court’s decision.


Turkish businessman Mustafa Tayat’s lawsuit stemmed from the 18 June article of Polit-Press newspaper titled “Which Minister in Baku supports Mustafa Tayat?” citing humiliation of honor and dignity as the basis Tayat sued Nabibbayli under Articles 147 (libel) and 148 (insult) of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan.

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