July 15th, 2011
Today, July 14th,  Sabail District Court postponed the scheduled preliminary hearing on the lawsuit filed by jailed youth activist Bakhtiyar Hajiyev against General Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Hajiyev claims that he was subjected to torturing during the investigation on his case.   The reason for postponement was the absence of the defendant side.

Youth  activist’s lawyer Elchin NAmazov told IRFS that  he filed a motion requesting the court to ensure participation of Hajiyev in the next court hearing.  However, the Judge refused saying that the laws do not allow him to ensure Hajiyev’s involvement in the hearing.

 “I should issue a decision to transfer Bakhtiyar Hajiyev to Baku Investigate Prison in order to ensure his participation in this hearing. However, I am not entitled to pass such a decision,” said the Judge.

The lawyer informed that the hearing was postponed to 3 pm, July15th, 2011.


Criminal case against Bakhtiyar Hajiyev was launched in the end of January, 2011. At that time, he signed a statement of commitment not to leave Ganja city. In the end of February his pre-trial detention was replaced with release under police control. Ganja City Court sentenced youth activist Bakhtiyar Hajiyev to 2 years in jail on May 18, 2011, charging him with dodging military service.

It is widely thought that Hajiyev was arrested for his activity on social networking sites and his support of the March 11 Great People’s Day campaign.