Criminal case launched against mother of human rights defender

 A criminal case has been opened against Gulbuta Khasmammadova, mother of the jailed human rights activist Taleh Khasmammadov. Khasmammadova told journalists that on July 22, she submitted a complaint to the Ministry of Internal Affairs regarding the police violence she encountered during her son’s trial in Goychay. On August 2, an investigator at the local police department took her statement – and then told her that she faced a criminal investigation based on on charges of resisting police officers.


Khasmammadova told journalists that she had been physically assaulted by a police officer on July 22, during her son’s trial.


On July 28, Khasmammadova reported: “Sergeant Vahid Hashimov set upon me and insulted me using foul language, which no mother deserves. I faced pressure during the brief recess of the court, when I criticized the people recognized [by the court] as victims for providing false testimony. I have always told the truth in my testimonies. Faig Ilyasov, the Deputy Chief of Goychay Regional Police Department, who had filed a complaint against Taleh, did not like my demands for justice. Sergeant Vahid Hashimov physically and verbally abused me right in front of Faig Ilyasov. He even hit me, while other police officers were holding my arms. At this point, police captain Islam Islamov appeared suddenly and tried to throw me out of the courtroom by pulling on my arm. I resisted, saying, “I am a mother.” But he gripped my hand so tightly that his fingernail punctured my skin, drawing blood. Deputy Chief Ilyasov did not intervene, despite witnessing everything. On the contrary, he instructed them to “Prepare a report about the Khasmammadovs and bang them up.”


Khasmammadova added that when the verdict on his son was announced, she had collapsed. When she recovered she saw that an ambulance had been called.


Goychay Regional Police Office denied the allegations.


Background: Taleh Khasmammadov was arrested in Goychay on February 24. On July 22, Goychay Regional Court sentenced him to three years in prison under Article 221.2 of the Criminal Code (hooliganism). Khasmammadov has previously served time in jail.

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