August 23rd, 2010

The ivestigation that was conducted by the Khazar District Police Office Investigation Department regarding the subjection of Yeni Musavat newspaper reporter Elmin Bedelov and Milli Yol newspaper editor-in-chief’s deputy Anar Garayli

due to physical harassment on the 28th of July was concluded, and conduction of criminal case was ceased. This was written in the letter sent from Baku City Chief Police Office Deputy Chief Yashar Aliyev to Yeni Musavat newspaper. The Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety was told this by Elmin Badalov today, 24th of August.   


It was said in the letter that while journalists were taking photos over the gate of the house that was said to belong to businessman Emin Alesgerov in “Mayak” gardens area in the North DRES settlement, citizen Arif Musayev, a gardener,  thought that they would steal things from the house.  It was noted in the letter that they were taken to a supervision room; however, they were freed after their identity as journalists was established.


It was also said in the letter that the injuries the journalists claim received due to the beating were not confirmed in witness accounts.


“The letter claims that the injuries in our body identified by medical examination were from various things and as a result of striking blunt objects when we fell,” noted Elmin Bedelv and added that they will file an appeal regarding investigation carried into the case by the Khazar district Police Department Investigation office.




On the 28th of July, journalists Elmin Bedelov and Anar Garayli were subjected to physical harassment while they were preparing reportage in Mardakan. The photo camera that belonged to Yeni Musavat newspaper’s editorial-office was damaged. Bedelov and Garayli said that when they wanted to take photos of the villa that was said to belong to Ziya Mammadov, they were beaten by guards.  The journalists were released after being detained for 3 hours. Their photos were deleted and their memory card was broken prior to their release.