August 23rd, 2010

Today, the 23rd of August, in the Sabail District Court, a verdict was announced in the hearing that was conducted on the criminal case under article 221 (hooliganism) of the Criminal Code against Aziz Ahmedov who physically injured journalist Zulfigar Kheyirkhabar. 

Judge Kamala Amirkhanova announced the verdict to sentence Aziz Ahmedov to 180 hours of community service. State plaintiff Yusif Samandarov had asked the court to sentence Aziz Ahmadov to six months in prison.   


Zulfigar Kheyirkhabar and his representative Fariz Namazli did not take part in the hearing.


Zulfigar Kheyirkhabar told the Institute for Reporters` Freedom and Safety that they will file an appeal against the verdict.




On the 18th of February, 2010, Zulfigar Kheyirkhabar, who worked as a correspondent in “Salam News” agency, was subjected to physical harassment when he tried to acquire information regarding the explosion that happened at the “Karvan” tea house. Zaur Gafarov who presented himself as the owner of the café insulted Z.Kheyirkhabar and hindered his work as a journalist. Then, a Ministry of Emergency Cases employee pushed Z.Kheyirkhabar and tried to carry him from the area. After this, Aziz Ahmedov beat him. The journalist and his representative’s motions regarding starting a criminal case against the employee of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and Zaur Gafarov were not fulfilled.