Critical Journalist’s Brothers Released

According to lawyer Fariz Namazli, the court has granted an early release to Raji and Vakil Imanov, brothers of Gunel Movlud, a journalist cooperating with the independent online television Meydan TV which reports on corruption and other illegal actions of the government. The Imanov were released on the ground that they have served one-third of their sentences. Raji and Vakil Imanov were arrested in October 2015. They were charged under Article 234.1 (acquisition or possession of drugs in quantities exceeding those necessary for personal consumption with the purpose of selling) of Criminal Code. Vakil Imanov was sentenced to 1 year in prison by Bilasuvar Regional Court’s verdict of December 22. Raji Imanov was sentenced to a year and a half in jail. At the time of her brothers’ arrest, Gunel Movlud’s family publicly disowned her for her collaboration with Meydan TV. Gunel Movlud also stated that her brothers were arrested because of her activities.

Confirming her brothers’ release, Gunel Movlud said “My brothers have been freed. Thanks to everyone for their support. I hope they will not do even worse things after releasing my brothers.”   

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