Editor Nijat Aliyev’s case is not investigated

Today’s press conference in IRFS Media Center spoke about increased prosecutions and harassments of journalists, and the case of azadxeber.org website editor Nijat Aliyev.

Acting editor of this site Parvin Zeynalov said that Nijat Aliyev was arrested on May 20th, on the eve of the Eurovision contest, when he was distributing discs in the Third Micro District of Baku. Along with him several other people were detained, and later released. However Nijat has been detained for 2 months on charges of drug possession.

Zeynalov did not specify what was on the discs, but lawyer Anar Gasimli reported the discs contained information about the Eurovision Song Contest, demolition of houses and the Karabakh issue.

At the same time, the lawyer said that Article 234 of the Criminal Code, on which his client is accused, stipulates imprisonment up to three years.

“My client was subjected to physical and psychological pressure. He was beaten and threatened to be put in the same cell with homosexuals. As a result, Aliyev made a forced confession.

Later he abandoned this testimony, stating that it was given under pressure. He filed a petition that he wanted to give new testimony, but the investigation has not responded to this for more than 20 days,” said the lawyer.

The investigation also seized Aliyev’s personal computer during a search in his apartment and confiscated his car.

Acting editor Parvin Zeynalov, in his turn, said: “I think the arrest of Nijat Aliyev is connected with his professional activities and the materials that were posted on the website.

Our editorial calls for the immediate release of Nijat Aliyev,” he said.

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