December 8th, 2011
Today Sardar Alibayli, editor-in-chief of Nota –Bene newspaper, held a press conference at the IRFS Press Center.

Alibeyli said that he sent an information inquiry to the president of Azerbaijan regarding the ban on the publication of his newspaper on October 3rd.
“I appealed to Sabail District Court due to the failure to respond to my inquiry. However, I am sure that my appeal will be refused. During the past year, I have sent letters to the heads of different institutions in Azerbaijan, demanding an end to the harassment. However, I have received no response so far. I want my free activity to be guaranteed in Azerbaijan.
“An unknown institution owner appealed to The Media Council, claiming that I blackmailed him, demanding 8000AZN from him. I went to police station #34 and complained about this person but the police decided that there was no criminal element in this case,” explained Sardar Alibayli. The editor–in-chief also complained that the media holds an indifferent attitude towards him.