March 2nd, 2009
“Nota” Newspaper’s head consultant Faramaz Novruzoglu (Allahverdiyev) has received death threats from unknown people. The Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety was told this by F.Novruzoglu.

According to Novruzoglu, the callers have threatened him, and his family members, and relatives. Novruzoglu believes that these calls are related to his recent series of articles about the Antiterrorism Center of the Ministry of National Security in “Nota” Newspaper. People calling Novruzoglu from open and hidden numbers introduced themselves as the Director of the Antiterror Center of the NSM Elchin Guliyev, Assistant Director of the Center Ilgar Aliyev and Assistant National Security Minister Hilal Asadov’s people. The journalist appealed to the president on 22 February in connection with these calls.
F. Novruzoglu added that “Azadlig Harakatchilari Birliyi” Chairman Tahmasib Novruzov came to the newspaper’s editorial office and demanded that the articles about NSM be stopped. T. Novruzov expressed his position on this issue saying that he did not know people with the names I. Aliyev, H. Asadov and E. Guliyev that work at NSM.
IRFS tried to call the numbers from which Allahverdiyev received death threats; however, the calls went unanswered.