January 10th, 2012
Yeni Musavat newspaper employee, Elmin Bedelov has had problems with his vision after he was physically assaulted while taking photos of a villa allegedly belonging to Ziya Mammadov, the head of the Ministry of Transport.

Badalov reported that he is being treated by a doctor at the Ankara Medical Center and has medical documents confirming that he has eyesight problems.
“When I was attacked, my head was smashed into the asphalt. The documents also confirm that I suffered a traumatic brain injury from that strike. Until now, I didn’t take it that seriously, but, from occasionally I experienced complications.  I don’t see well at a distance. Recently, I went to the doctor, who said that I have 30% vision in my right eye, and 40 % in my left eye. The doctors also said that I could lose my eyesight if not treated, and that these issues are related to the traumatic brain injury I suffered. I have already been receiving treatment for 5 days,” said the journalist.
The incident occurred on 28 July, 2010 when journalists Elmin Bedelov and Anar Garayli were preparing a report about the rich in Mardakan. A photo camera belonging to Yeni Musavat newspaper’s editorial-office was damaged and the journalists were physically assaulted by guards when they tried to film the house of Ziya Mammadov.  The journalists were released after being detained for 3 hours, but their photos were deleted and their memory card was broken prior. Later officials claimed that the villa does not belong to Ziya Mammadov but to businessman Emin Alasgerov.