Today, 28 October, the Center for Military Investigations of Journalists "Doktrina" conducted a debate on the subject of “Should there be restrictions in the dissemination of military information” within the framework of  the project “Development of culture to obtain information in the military sector”  financed by the Open Society Institute – Support Fund. NGO representatives, journalists, officers in reserve and Defense Ministry Public Relations Department Official Teymur Abdullayev participated in the event.

The Institute for Reporters` Freedom and Safety employee Idrak Abbasov said in his speech that he supports a balanced dissemination of information, which is immediate and without censorship.

“Ayna” Newspaper military writer Elchin Eldeniz stated that the Defense Ministry should support the journalists in disseminating military information.

“Manevr” Journalist Investigations Center Chairman Rashad Suleymanov considered that the journalists should not forget that they are Azerbaijani when they spread military information.

Reserve and Retired Officers Public Union Chairman Yashar Jafarli gave information regarding notions of state and military secrets in the legislation.

The Center for Military Analytical Investigations Director Ildirim Mammadov said that the work of the journalists is to gather and spread information and any obstacles should not be created.  

The Defense Ministry official T.Abdullayev said that the Defense Ministry is also interested in the dissemination of military information by professional journalists and they are ready to cooperate with journalists.

Military Journalists Public Union Chairman Uzeyir Jafarov and others also participated in debate. 

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