October 28th, 2009
“Tezadlar” Newspaper Editor-in-chief Asif Merzili will appeal to court regarding the newspaper’s inclusion on the list of “racketeering” newspapers by the Press Council. 

The Press Council Administration included the name of “Tazadlar” newspaper in the black list during the meeting held on 22 October. The Institute for Reporters` Freedom and Safety was told this by “Tezadlar” Newspaper Editor-in-chief Asif Merzili.

Asif Merzili said that an opinion was given regarding the inclusion of “Tezadlar” newspaper in the black list during the meeting of the Complaints Commission on 16 September.

“The information was given to the press without confirmation of the opinion by the Administrative Staff and as a result, the image of the newspaper was damaged, problems were created in its publication, and several companies ceased advertising contracts with us. State organs refuse to respond to our information inquiries.”

A. Merzili noted that he called Press Council Chairman Aflatun Amashov to solve the problems by means of negotiations yesterday, 27 October. He said that if the negotiations do not have any results, he will appeal to court.