October 1st, 2010
Today, 1 October, the Yasamal District Court held a hearing on the Yasamal District Executive Administration Head Ibrahim Mehdiyev’s criminal lawsuit against Yagub Muradzade. Judge Elchin Gurbanov presided over the court hearing.

The special plaintiff’s representative Azer Tagiyev, his lawyer Zaur Nifteliyev, the defendant Yagub Muradzade and his lawyer Alibaba Rzayev participated in the hearing.
Rzayev filed a motion to invite the special plaintiff to court and to send an information inquiry to the Prosecutor’s Office regarding the special plaintiff.
Tagiyev objected to the motion and filed a motion that an inquiry be sent to the Internal Affairs Ministry asking whether the defendant has been convicted.
The Judge E.Gurbanov said that there is no document that proves his guilt and rejected the defendant’s motion.  The plaintiff’s representative’s motion was accepted. The next hearing has been scheduled for 15 October at 2:30 p.m..
Mehdiyev sued Muradzade in a criminal lawsuit under articles 147 (defamation) and 148 (insult) of the Criminal Code claiming that he was subjected to insults and defamation in the complaint letters that Muradzade wrote about Mehdiyev and sent to different state bodies.
Muradzade stated that he was the editor of Yeni Gazet, which was published from 2004 to 2006 but is currently not operating.