Executive officials testify against Avaz Zeynalli

Today Baku Grave Crimes Court chaired by judge Ramella Allahverdiyeva held a hearing on the case of Khural newspaper editor-in-chief Avaz Zeynalli. Narimanov District Executive Department chief Kamal Aliyev and department employee Mushfig Alirzayev testified against Zeynalli.

Kamal Aliyev said that there are four court decisions that order Zeynalli either to give a retraction or to pay compensation. According to the executive department chief, Zeynalli refuses to fulfill the court order in spite of repeated warnings.  
Mushfig Alirzayev also confirmed that Zeynalli fails to fulfill the decisions of the court. When asked questions, both of the witnesses responded “I do not know” and “I have forgotten”.
Avaz Zeynalli said that he had paid most of the compensations, but did not have enough money to pay the all the damages. As for retractions, Zeynalli said that while he had already fulfilled the court decision ordering a retraction about Agabey Asgarov, the other retractions delay due to the lack of any feedback on proposed wording for retractions.
The judge postponed the hearing due to the termination of working hours and said that she would inform the parties on the date of next hearing.
Avaz Zeynalli is charged under Article 311.3.3 (taking large bribe) and Article 311.3.4 (extortion). 
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