April 8th, 2011
Azerbaijani journalist Fakhraddin Hajibayli, living in Germany, is still facing pressure, according to the letter he sent to the Mediaforum news portal.

In his letter, Hajibayli says that he was physically assaulted during Novruz celebrations in Berlin on March 18, and has been facing pressures upon the launch of investigation on this incident.
 “On March 18, Tofig Garayev, the head of Azerbaijani House in Berlin, approached me before the Gloria Palace and criticized my article published in Azadlig newspaper titled ‘Diaspora quiz’. As I told him that it was professional duty, he insulted me and tried to kick me. Later about 10 persons around approached and beat me lethally. Police and ambulance arrived at the scene. Police only succeeded in detaining and identifying Tofig Garayev, the others ran away. “The ambulance took me to the hospital. I was diagnosed with head trauma, a broken left rib, injuries to my face and others parts of my body. I was lying in the hospital for 5 days. At present I have a strong headache, dizziness and difficulty breathing,” Hajibayli says.
Fakhraddin Hajibayli has worked in Yeni Musavat newspaper and Radio Liberty. He immigrated to Germany in 2004.