April 29th, 2011
On 29 April, the Sumgayit City Court held a hearing on the criminal case launched against Azerbaijan Popular Front Party youth member Jabbar Savalanli, who has been charged with drug possession. Judge Ilgar Mammadov presided over the hearing. 

Azerbaijan Popular Front Party member Jabbar Savalanli was arrested on February 5, 2011. He is being charged with drug possession, but it is widely thought that his arrest was politically motivated, linked to criticism of the government he posted on social networking sites.
The youth activist’s lawyer Anar Gasimov reported that first of all, the witnesses were questioned.  Witnesses Sikhaliyev Rehim, Ismayilov Maharram, and police employees Vusal Abbasov, Elnur Mammadov, and Faig Mirzeliyev all testified. They had difficulties answering the questions asked by the lawyers.
According to Gasimov, he filed a motion on behalf of Savalanli to dismiss witness testimonies, on the grounds that the witnesses had not complied with Criminal-Procedural Codes. There was also a motion for to conduct the drugs examination again and to re-question medical experts.
 The Judge fulfilled the motion to invite the experts and attorney to the next hearing, which will be on Mary 3rd.