February 9th, 2008
Yesterday an expert from Finland on media problems in the Eastern Caucasus, Sala Nazarenko, gave an exclusive interview to APA.

Nazarenko expressed concerns about persisting problems in the area of Caucasus media's economic dependence and about the lack of an advertisement market in the media.
 Speaking specifically about Azerbaijan, Nazarenko cited corruption, journalist arrests, anti-Armenian spirit in the media and the move of some opposition journalists to pro-government media as some of the major problems in the media.
 According to the Nazarenko, the existence of skilful journalists and the creation of a journalist union organization are positive signs for the Azerbaijani media. "The first journalist union organization in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) was established in Azerbaijan," he said.
 The expert emphasized that the salaries in pro-government press organizations are relatively higher, and positively assessed this. According to him, in such societies it is easier to create an independent press in comparison with those countries where journalists' salaries are lower.