February 9th, 2009
The editor-in-chief of “Realny Azerbayjan” and “Gundelik Baki”, E.Fatullayev who is in the prison # 14 makes suggestion to “Azad Soz Inqilabcilari” (Free Speech Revolutionaries) Club about the group’s “weeklies (themed weeks).” The editor-in chief’s father Emin Fatullayev informed the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety about this.

“Eynulla suggest replacing the weeklies with monthlies,” said Emin Fatullayev. “He recommends holding monthlies (themed months) not about imprisoned journalists and press violations, but rather journalists who have died and mass media institutions that have been shutdown. Eynulla stressed that it is possible to hold the monthlies dedicated to “Cheshme,” “Milletin sesi”, “Monitor,” “Avropa”, “Realny Azerbayjan”, “Gundelik Baki” newspapers, and “ABA” and “Sara” TV channels.
On 21 April 2007, Fatullayev was imprisoned for two years and six months on libel and defamation charges, and then on 30 October 2007, he was sentenced to a total of 8 years and six months of imprisonment for incitement of terror, incitement of religious hatred and tax evasion, at well as well the former charges of libel and defamation.