Faig Amirli Trial Ongoing

Azadliq newspaper financial director’s case is underway in Sabail District Court. Today’s hearing in the case was chaired by Judge Aytan Aliyeva. The court listened to several witnesses.

Sokrat Suleymanov of Qaya press distribution firm said 35-40 percent of income from the sale of copies of the newspaper was the firm’s share and their cooperation was based on a contract.

Agaali Ismayilov, deputy chairman of Qasid OJSC said they owed 67,000 manats to Azadliq newspaper.

Next, people, who had placed ads in the newspaper, were invited to testify.

Witness Sevda Muradova said she had put an ad for cosmetology services in Azadliq. “I was cash-strapped and could only afford to pay 30 to 40 manats in a few months. Later, I was advised to not place ads in this newspaper. I do not know Faig Amirli personally and have not given him money,” the witness said.

After that, lawyer Javanshir Suleymanov was invited to the stand. He recalled putting an ad in Azadliq several years ago. “I do not remember how much I paid. It happened a long time ago. It was a couple of manats. They gave me a receipt,” the lawyer said. He too said he did not know Amirli.

Then, an individual by name Samir Isgandarov, who had put an ad in the newspaper after losing his documents, testified.

Judge: You are testifying in Faig Amirli’s case.
Witness: Who is Faig Amirli?

He then answered lawyer Agil Layijov’s questions.

– Did you pay for the ad?
– Yes.
– How much?
– 15 to 20 manats.
– To whom?
– To the policeman in front of the publishing house.

Next, two employees of Azadliq newspaper were questioned.

Vidadi Mammadov testified that he had been interrogated by the prosecutor’s office for placing an ad in the newspaper for the sale of his aunt’s house. “They asked how much I had paid for that ad. I replied that I had not paid money at all,” Mammadov said.

According to the testimony of Editor Sujaddin Sharifov, some time ago, a doctor by name Suleyman Jabrayilov called them and asked for help with putting articles and ads regarding his medical services in the newspaper. “The doctor told me that he was a member of the Public Chamber [opposition coalition] and I helped him,” Sharifov noted.

The trial will continue on 19 June.

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