March 26th, 2009
On March 22, relatives and defense committee head Hilal Mammadov visited imprisoned Editor-in-chief of “Tolishi Sado” Newspaper Novruzali Mammadov in Prison #15. H. Mammadov told this to the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety.

According to H. Mammadov, N. Mammadov’s health deteriorated after he was held in the solitary confinement at the National Security Ministry (NSM) for fifteen days, but his situation normalized after he was transferred to Prison #15.
During the meeting, N.Mammadov said that he constantly under surveillance of the NSM after he founded “Tolishi Sado” Newspaper, and he was subjected to pressure in Prison #15 after his arrest. Defense committee head Hilal Mammadov noted that N. Mammadov faced pressure due to his ethnicity (Talysh) and appealed to the European Court of Human Rights in 2008 about this case.
N. Mammadov expressed his gratitude for the “Novruz” Fundraiser conducted by the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety to assist the families of imprisoned journalists, including N. Mammedov.