July 15th, 2008
Recently the first military information agency – “Milaz” Information Agency ( – was founded in Azerbaijan.

Director of "Doktrina" Center of Journalist Union on Military Research Jasur Sumerinli, who is also one of the founders of the Information Agency, told this to the Institute for Researchers’ Freedom and Safety.

According to Sumerinli, the main goal of creating “Milaz” Information Agency is to bring to the attention of the public events that happen in Azerbaijan in the area of defense and security.  “Milaz” IA also intends to introduce regular news, comments and analyses in connection with events in the region and area. 

The Information Agency is also intended to strengthen public oversight over the military and security issues, and involve independent journalists, NGOs and the public in study of problems concerning the defense and security sector.

The “Officers in Reserve and Retirement” Public Union, "Doktrina" Center of Journalist Union on Military Research, “Veterans of Military Unit #651” Public Union, “Manevr” Journalist Research Center and “Military Journalists” Public Union are the founders of “Milaz” IA.