Forensic exam decision: Mehman Huseynov was not injured

On August 8 IRFS and Turan Information Agency correspondent Mehman Huseynov visited Sabail District Police Office following a summons.

During the visit, Huseynov was informed about the result of the medical-forensic examination: no sign of injury on his body has been documented.
On June 20 Mehman Huseynov received a forensic exam following his claim that he had been physically assaulted by a police officer during covering opposition rally on May 21. The forensic exam did not document any sign of physical trauma on Huseynov’s body. However, Huseynov expressed his dissatisfaction with the result as the forensic examination was done too late.
“By the time medical-forensic examination was carried out, the signs of injury on my body had disappeared”, stated Huseynov.
Mehman Huseynov was summoned to Sabail District Police Office on June 12, where he was questioned for 3 hours and then detained as the suspect. On June 13 he was accused of hooliganism (under Article 221.2.2 of the Criminal Code) and taken to the court. Sabail District Court did not sentence Huseynov to pre-trial detention, however Sabail District Police Office required him to provide a written commitment not to leave the city. The charge on which Huseynov is accused stipulates corrective labor up to 2 years or imprisonment up to 5 years.
The, plaintiff, police officer Sanan Burjuyev, indeed himself assaulted and insulted Huseynov hindering his professional activity. The journalists and IRFS operators who monitored the action reported police abuse of power. The police officer hit and damaged the video and still cameras which Mehman and his colleague Mirrahim Hasanov were using while filming.
IRFS and international organizations consider that the charges against Mehman are politically motivated. This act is deemed as a revenge on the civil society following the Eurovision Song Contest.

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