Fourth member of “Muslim Unity Movement” arrested on drug trafficking charges

A member of the “Muslim Unity Movement” (MUM), Mirtofig Huseynov, was arrested for three months on drug trafficking charges.  This was reported by Huseynov’s relatives on Friday.

He was detained in the evening of December 6 at a bus stop and only a day later his family was told from the Nasimi district police department 22 that Huseynov had been charged with drug trafficking.

By a court decision, Huseynov was placed in custody for 3 months. He became the 4th MUM activist to be arrested on drug trafficking charges in the past 15 days.

Previously Shahin Gadirli, Samir Babayev and Nijat Aliyev were arrested. The MUM believes that the activists are being prosecuted on trumped-up charges.

Convicted to 20 years of imprisonment in 2017, MUM leader Taleh Bagirzadeh has been on hunger strike in colony number 12 since November 26 to protest against the arbitrariness of the prison administration.

Note that the MUM is considered to be a pro-Iranian organisation.

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